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College Frustrations

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After 2 days of working with the Office of Engineering, it appears that I have made some small amounts of progress.

I am working on getting general education requirements filled for "Western Culture" and "Humanity and the Arts". I have taken these courses at another university and have been working on getting the transfer...
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Gran Turismo 5 is amazing (and career update)

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On my way to work yesterday I picked up my copy of Gran Turismo 5 (Collector's Edition). I brought my PS3 with me to work and had the game do all its setup stuff at work. I went home made my dinner and lost track of time playing. I am actually working today (Thanksgiving) but plan to leave here soon to go home make lunch and play more GT5. ...
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Almost time to make my next career decision

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Today, I discuss the offer I was extended by the start up company with them in detail. Following that I am flown to New York to discuss with a financial institute the potential of starting my career in the financial area. What a busy way to end this week.

After spending all this week on school and work, I am pretty well burnt out and am nearing...
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Computer Science is Hard, Let's go Shopping !

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Just a quick run down of my past couple days.
After determining that my homework and work were all caught up for the week last week, my girlfriend and I had a mini shopping excursion. This included picking up some new movies (How to Train Your Dragon, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Futurama seasons), some new cds, and then letting her get crazy at...
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To work or not to work

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Sometimes when I set aside time for work I feel this overwhelming need to be exceedingly productive. The problem with setting aside this time is the pressure to feel like I have truly made headway on the project for which the time is set aside. I feel I perform my best when I feel the motivation to work rather than being forced to work. This is...
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The aggravated gamer in me says: "Where is my Gran Turismo 5?"

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First off, I apologize for letting the gamer in me take over briefly.

I have been in possession of a Gran Turismo 5 pre-order for more than a year now.

For those of you not familiar with the GT franchise and its current frustrating GTPlanet...
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An interesting observation and question

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I have noticed that amongst my friends there seems to be a rather high draw to companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Palm, and similar companies. Many of whom are expecting 50 to 60 hour work weeks as being standard. One policy that some of these companies have of "bring you pet to work with you" just re-enforces the idea that they...
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Alas, I should update this more

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For those of you whom have stumbled upon this short and sweet blog spot I'm sorry it has taken me this long to update you on the goings on in my life. I have been a busy boy getting ready for graduation with my BS in Computer Science. I have been interviewing all over the place and will continue to do so. I have received a few offers and...
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Midterms and More

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Well, 1 week of midterms and a 3-day conference that I helped run. Just another day in the life of a college kid. Went in to work this morning and people hardly recognized me. This weekend I met Jeph Jacques and Jorge Cham as well as Nasko Oskov, Ethan Danahy and many more. Had a great time, but now back to the grind stone. Also sorry...
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Some interview notes.

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0. It is amazing how fast I forgot Java syntax.
1. Computer Science problems ARE interesting.
2. Thank goodness I have been working on side projects and work
3. The school curriculum truly does not teach the problem solving needed to make a student "marketable"

So the interviews that have not fallen through have been good so far. I...

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