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webbrowser control data entry and control

Posted 28 May 2009 - 01:09 PM

I have checked the various ways to fill, manipulate and click controls on this and other forums. The problem is determining which manipulations work with whic version of the browser control. I would prefer to work with the .Net WebBrowser control, but I'm willing to change. I want to be able to fill in textboxes, select entries from option lists, click table cells, and click buttons as starters. I have a "working" version using sendkeys, but I've found that it is unreliable and will occassionally deliver the keystrokes to random other apps I have open. I would like to use direct assign to the Value attribute for textboxes and similar operations for the other features. If I should be using a different Browser widget, please suggest away...

I am using VS2008/VB.Net and need any answers to be clear on the browser control they are using - that is the primary source of my confusion when examining various existing answers. Thanks.

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