Network discovery and WMI information

Question about discovering computers on the network and getting WMI in

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Network discovery and WMI information

Post icon  Posted 01 June 2009 - 12:42 PM

Hey everyone,

I work for a university and we're trying to develop a custom program to be able to get asset information from Windows computers on the network. We have tried several other inventory software packages before but either they couldn't get the custom data from WMI that we need or they couldn't target specific computers on the network (i.e. they just scanned a range of IPs and tried to connect). We got in some hot water for the last issue because it was trying to access computers it shouldn't have just by the fact that it was scanning an IP range instead of allowing us to specify computers to access. Long story short, we decided to program our own custom software package.

However, now we're a bit stuck. I was researching two different topics: 1. How does one scan the network and discover computers that are connected to the local network
and 2. How can we access WMI data through Java?

If anyone can point me toward some decent resources/websites that might help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.



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