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BB software questions

Posted 17 May 2005 - 09:05 AM

Ok since I dont feel like digging through a mound of documentation just to still be confused.

Here is what I want to do

Create a forum with email notification of new posts. ( simalar to yahoo groups, or on a subscribe to thread basis )

Allow only certain Groups to see certan threads

Like all the blacksmiths to see the blacksmith area and all the fighters see the fighter area ( it dosent have to be automatic there would be a manual switch for the access rights simalar to group policy )

I know there is a bunch of user rights management built in to alot of theese SW packages hopefully they would allow for something of the above

The 2 runners up to replace the PHPbb is Invision and Vbulliten will theese suit my needs ?

The group that will be using this is a small one of about 50 people.

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