confirmation email trigger


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confirmation email trigger

Posted 16 June 2005 - 07:17 PM

i have come up with this query for my confirmation email
how do i trigger it when the submit button is pressed on the form

<cfquery name="mail_call_collect" datasource="register">
SELECT FirstName, LastName, UserName, Email, Password, PhoneNumber
FROM reguser</cfquery>
<!-- confiramtion email code start -->
<cfmail query="mail_call_collect"
from="[email protected]"
subject="Your Registration Detials">

Dear #mail_call_collect.FirstName#

Thank you for registering with us Your Username Email and Passwotd details are below,

Please keep these details safe for future reference..


You can edit your account when you want just by logging on and click the edit account link

i dont seem to have any errors this is on a seperate page to the form but i have linked it through the record set on the registration form will this trigger it??
and would using hotmail smtp in the coldfusion mail settings cause a problem

cheers jspidy :rolleyes:

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