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cfpop DSN messages from gmail

Posted 24 July 2009 - 01:55 PM


I am using cfpop to pop messages out of a google account. The only messages that go the the account are "failto" messages.

I am reading the body of the messages to get the action and status code of the DSN messages. When I send a "dummy" message, the code works perfectly.

But, when a real message comes in, cfpop only pulls the first part of the message into the body field, not the part of the message that contains the status code, which is what I need. It looks like gmail is considering that to be part of a forwarded message, so it isn't popping.

Is there any way to pop the entirety of the message, including the forwarded part? Or if I use a different email client, will the message be treated as one piece instead of body + forwarded message?

Has anyone successfully popped bounce messages out of gmail and extracted the status code?

Any input / guidance etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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