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Help with Scheme

Posted 07 October 2009 - 03:43 PM

The program will take as input a common name of an animal and will produce the taxonomy of this animal.

The output should look like the following:
The “xxxx” is classified as:
Class: xxxx
Subclass: xxxx
Infraclass: xxxx
Order: xxxx
Family: xxxx
Brief Description of its order: xxxxx

I have the taxonomy written out but I cannot figure out how to get the output to work. I've tried everything we learned in class (which is slim to none) and I've tried looking in books but my mind just isn't comprehending what it needs to do. Any help is very much appreciated.

(define-struct animal(class subclass infraclass order family description))

(define MONOTREMATA "These are the most primitive of the living mammals, retaining some characteristics of their reptilian ancestors and displaying some characteristics of birds as well. The order name Monotremata means ‘one hole,’ and refers to the fact that all three species have only one opening to the outside of their bodies through which the products of the reproductive (eggs) and excretory (feces and urine) systems are passed. This feature is not exclusive to the monotremes, since marsupials also have this arrangement, but monotremes lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young as all other mammals do. The eggs are soft-shelled and measure approximately 2/3 inch across. They are incubated for about 10 days, after which the hatchlings are fed milk from mammary glands, and thus the tie to ‘mammals.’")
(define MARSUPIALIA "Although marsupials join the ranks of other mammals as distinct from egg-layers, they are nevertheless a unique group deserving of recognition at a high level. They thus receive their own infraclass of Metatheria, Changing Mammals, which separates them from the other 18 orders of true placental mammals, which are placed in the infraclass Eutheria, True Mammals. Practically speaking, such a classification simply emphasizes that marsupials are far more advanced than monotremes, yet remain considerably more primitive than the placentals.")
(define INSECTIVORA "Shrews, hedgehogs, moles, and a number of other small animals native to Madagascar known as tenrecs, make up the order called Insectivora, Insect Eaters. These creatures have in common a diet of insects. Actually, other small invertebrates such as worms and crustaceans are eaten too, while aquatic species may add small fish and even amphibians to their meals.")
(define MACROSCELIDIA "The elephant shrews are the only members of this order. In many ways similar to the insectivores (in fact, formerly classified as a family of that order), these peculiar African animals are highly specialized for running. Their legs are long and slender; the back legs are somewhat longer than the front ones, giving them an almost kangaroolike appearance as they make their speedy bounds.")
(define DERMOPTERA "Only two living species, in a single genus, compose the entire order of flying lemurs. One species is found in the Philippines; the other from southeast Asia to Java and Borneo. Their scientific name, Dermoptera, means ‘skin-winged.’ They do not have true wings, but have the most complete gliding membrane: a furred skin extending from behind the ears outward to the digits, embracing the tail, stretching along the sides and base of the body. This membrane enables flying lemurs to glide up to 150 yards (one and one-half football fields long). They are among the largest of all gliding mammals.")
(define CHIROPTERA "Flight clearly distinguishes bats from all the other mammals. Not just jumping, or gliding, but actually being able to fly - like the birds. The entire bone structure of bats is modified for flight, and as we should expect, this is most noticeable in the arms. As the name ‘Chiroptera’ (‘hand wing’) translates, the wings are formed by a stretched membrane across elongated finger bones to the sides of the body and all the way down enclosing the legs and tail. In the Megachiroptera (large bats), however, the membrane does not extend across the legs down to the feet, as it does in the Microchiroptera (small bats). The picture above of a Flying Fox (because of the fox-like face) we can clearly see the hand splitting into five fingers, connected with an umbrella-like membrane, with only the top notch of the thumb sticking out.")
(define SCANDENTIA "The tree shrews, all in one family are placed in an order of their own, Scandentia. They were formerly classed as Insectivores, and some today consider them primates of the suborder Prosimi because of certain internal similarities to the latter. All zoologists are agreed, however, that they are an intermediate between the insectivores and the lower primates, and that they form a link between the two orders, although in appearance they look like pointy-nosed squirrels.")
(define PRIMATES "Some 195 species of lemurs and their kin, monkeys, apes, and man, together constitute the primates. They are essentially tropical in distribution, found in the Americas, Africa, and southern Asia, although man has extended the distribution to the coldest of polar expeditions - indeed even to extraterrestrial orbs.")
(define XENARTHRA "Southern North America and South America is their distribution, and the Xenarthrans consist of 29 species in four distinct families: anteaters, sloths (two families - two and three-toed), and armadillos. Anteaters are toothless, sloths and armadillos lack incisors and canines but do have simple cheek teeth that lack enamel and grow continuously from the roots as the tops wear down. Armadillos have up to 100 such teeth.")
(define PHOLIDOTA "In the tropical and subtropical regions of southern Asia and Africa are found seven species that constitute the entire order of Pholidota. These scaly anteaters are mainly terrestrial creatures, but are also arboreal at times, and they look like walking pinecones. Once grouped with the other anteaters in the order Edentata, which is Latin for ‘knocked out teeth’ since they have no teeth, biologists have recently given the Pangolins their own order, and have replaced the Edentata order with the order Xenarthra.")
(define TUBLIDENTATA "Perhaps we think of the aardvark only as being the first word in the dictionary, but it is so extraordinary among mammals that it is placed in an order all by itself. Although it eats ants and termites, the aardvark is not closely related to the anteaters, but this is just another example of convergence of two different types of animals adapting to the same habitat.")
(define LAGOMORPHA "The lagomorphs are strictly ground-dwelling and inhabit all continents, except Antarctica. They were introduced by man with dire consequences into Australia and New Zealand, because they breed rapidly and had no natural predators on those island nations.")
(define RODENTIA "Almost anywhere you look, except on the polar ice caps, you can find a rodent. Rodents are the most abundant land mammals, climbing or gliding among trees, darting across the ground, burrowing beneath the soil, or even swimming in lakes or streams. They are among the most beloved and the most detested of animals.")
(define CETACEA "In every ocean of the world, and in a few rivers as well, are found whales, dolphins, and porpoises, also known as the Cetaceans, which means ‘whale-like.’ There are 76 species, although a few are exceedingly rare. The largest living animal today is the blue whale, and it is probably the largest animal EVER to live. It averages between 80 to 100 feet in length and weighs an incredible 90 to 130 tons. That's like having more than one million quarter-pound hamburgers. And yet the smallest Cetaceans are a number of dolphins and porpoises reaching only about 4.5 feet long when adult, and weighing only about 80 pounds.")
(define CARNIVORA "Just as rodents identify themselves by their long incisors, members of the order Carnivora are distinguished by their prominent canine teeth. These are the long, curved, teeth beside the incisors that are particularly effective for stabbing. Most carnivores are predatory meat-eaters with small but sharp incisors, good for nipping, but other larger carnivores have long teeth for killing, such as the big cats.")
(define PROBOSCIDEA "The sole survivors of a once prevalent order are the two species of elephants, those colossal pachyderms (thick skins) which inhabit Africa south of the Sahara, as well as India, Sri Lanka, and southeast Asia. The African elephant is the largest land animal alive today at over 15,000 pounds, while the Asian (also known as the Indian) elephant is the most powerful land animal.")
(define HYRACOIDEA "Hyraxes are found in Africa and along the Red Sea on the Arabian peninsula. They live in all types of habitats, as seen in the names of the Tree Hyrax and the Rock Hyrax. There are five species which make up the order Hyracoidea, although other biologists assume four species. Stay tuned for further announcements. But to live in these different environments the Hyrax has developed glands in the soles of their feet that secret a substance allowing them to maintain a firm grip in the rocks and trees where they live much like the traction suction cups provide.")
(define SIRENIA "There are only four species left of the order Sirenia - one dugong and three manatees. The manatee wieghs about a ton and a half when fully grown, but the last of the giant 6-ton sea cows, formerly seen in the north Pacific, was slaughtered by man and has been extinct since the 18th century.")
(define PERISSODACTYLA "All the hoofed mammals, thought to be closely related, were once even placed together in one vast order labeled Ungulata (hoofed). Biologists now know that there are two quite distinct groups, taxonomically separated on the basis of their toes, though we still often speak of ‘ungulates’ for the sake of convenience. The Perissodactyla, or odd-toed ungulates, are those that bear their weight by the longer middle (or third) digit on each foot.")
(define ARTIODACTYLA "These are even-toed hoofed animals, also known as ‘cloven hoofed.’ All hoofed animals were once united in the order of ‘Ungulates,’ but they have been separated now between the even-toed and the odd-toed hoofed animals. The Artiodactyl animal has the axis of its foot lying between the third and fourth digits so its weight is borne equally by the two middle toes. The first toe has been lost in evolution and can be seen now only in fossil forms. The second and fifth toes, those located on the sides of the foot, are also lacking in many living species, or are merely vestigial remains, thereby leaving just the two prominent toes on each foot.")

(define Echidnas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Prototheria empty 'Monotremata 'Tachyglossidae MONOTREMATA))
(define Platypus(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Prototheria empty 'Monotremata 'Ornithorhynchidae MONOTREMATA))

(define Opossums(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Didelphidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Monito_del_monte(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Microbiotheriidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Rat_opposums(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Caenolestidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Marsupial_mice(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Dasyuridae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Quoll(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Dasyuridae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Numbat(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Myrmecobiidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Thylacine(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Thylacinidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Marsupial_moles(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Notoryctidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Possums(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Phalangeridae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Cuscuses(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Phalangeridae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Gliders(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Petauridae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Ringtails(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Petauridae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Pygmy_possums(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Burramyidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Kangaroos(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Macropodidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Wallabies(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Macropodidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Honey_possum(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Tarsipedidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Wombats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Vombatidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Koala(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Phascolarctidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Bandicoots(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Peramelidae MARSUPIALIA))
(define Rabbit_bandicoots(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Metatheria 'Marsupialia 'Thylacomyidae MARSUPIALIA))   

(define Solenodons(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Solenodontidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Tenrecs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Tenrecidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Otter_shrews(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Tenrecidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Golden_moles(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Chrysochloridae INSECTIVORA))
(define Hedgehogs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Erinaceidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Moonrats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Erinaceidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Shrews(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Soricidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Moles(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Talpidae INSECTIVORA))
(define Desmans(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Insectivora 'Talpidae INSECTIVORA))

(define Elephant_shrews(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Macroscelidia 'Macroscelididae MACROSCELIDIA))

(define Flying_lemurs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Dermoptera 'Cynocephalidae DERMOPTERA))

(define Fruit_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Pteropodidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Flying_foxes(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Pteropodidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Mouse-tailed_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Rhinopomatidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Hog-nosed_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Craseonycteridae CHIROPTERA))
(define Bumblebee_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Craseonycteridae CHIROPTERA))
(define Sheath-tailed_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Emballonuridae CHIROPTERA))
(define Slit-faced_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Nycteridae CHIROPTERA))
(define False_vampire_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Megadermatidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Horseshoe_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Rhinolophidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Bulldog_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera "Noctilionidae, Mormoopidae" CHIROPTERA))
(define Fisherman_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera "Noctilionidae, Mormoopidae" CHIROPTERA))
(define New_world_leaf-nosed_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera "Phyllostomidae, Natalidae, Furipteridae, Thyropteridae, Myzapodidae" CHIROPTERA))
(define Common_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Vespertilionidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Short-tailed_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Mystacinidae CHIROPTERA))
(define Free-tailed_bats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Chiroptera 'Molossjdae CHIROPTERA))

(define Tree_shrews(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Scandentia 'Tupaiidae SCANDENTIA))

(define Lemurs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Lemuridae PRIMATES))
(define Mouse_lemurs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Cheirogaleidae PRIMATES))
(define Indri(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Indriidae PRIMATES))
(define Woolly_lemur(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Indriidae PRIMATES))
(define Aye-aye(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Daubentoniidae PRIMATES))
(define Lorises(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Lorisidae PRIMATES))
(define Bushbabies(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Lorisidae PRIMATES))
(define Galagos(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Lorisidae PRIMATES))
(define Tarsiers(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Tarsiidae PRIMATES))
(define New_world_monkeys(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Cebidae PRIMATES))
(define Marmosets(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Cebidae PRIMATES))
(define Tamarins(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Cebidae PRIMATES))
(define Gibbons(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Hylobatidae PRIMATES))
(define Apes(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Pongidae PRIMATES))
(define Man(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Primates 'Hominidae PRIMATES))

(define Anteaters(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Xenarthra 'Myrmecophagidae XENARTHRA))
(define Three-toed_sloths(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Xenarthra 'Bradypodidae XENARTHRA))
(define Two-toed_sloths(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Xenarthra 'Megalonychidae XENARTHRA))
(define Armadillos(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Xenarthra 'Dasypodidae XENARTHRA))

(define Pangolins(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Pholidota 'Manidae PHOLIDOTA))

(define Aardvark(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Tubulidentata 'Orycteropodidae TUBLIDENTATA))

(define Pikas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Lagomorpha 'Ochotonidae LAGOMORPHA))
(define Hares(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Lagomorpha 'Leporidae LAGOMORPHA))
(define Rabbits(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Lagomorpha 'Leporidae LAGOMORPHA))

(define Mountain_beaver(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Aplodontidae RODENTIA))
(define Squirrels(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Sciuridae RODENTIA))
(define Marmots(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Sciuridae RODENTIA))
(define Chipmunks(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Sciuridae RODENTIA))
(define Pocket_gophers(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Geomyidae RODENTIA))
(define Pocket_mice(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Heteromyidae RODENTIA))
(define Kangaroo_rats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Heteromyidae RODENTIA))
(define Beaver(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Castoridae RODENTIA))
(define Scaly-tailed_squirrels(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Anomaluridae RODENTIA))
(define Springhare(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Pedetidae RODENTIA))
(define Rats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Muridae RODENTIA))
(define Mice(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Muridae RODENTIA))
(define Dormice(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Gliridae RODENTIA))
(define Desert_dormouse(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Seleviniidae RODENTIA))
(define Jumping_mice(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Zapodidae RODENTIA))
(define Jerboas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Dipodidae RODENTIA))
(define Old_world_porcupines(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Hystricidae RODENTIA))
(define New_world_porcupines(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Erethizontidae RODENTIA))
(define Guinea_pigs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Caviidae RODENTIA))
(define Maras(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Caviidae RODENTIA))
(define Capybara(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Hydrochaeridae RODENTIA))
(define Pacarana(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Dinomyidae RODENTIA))
(define Pacas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Agoutidae RODENTIA))
(define Agoutis(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Dasyproctidae RODENTIA))
(define Chinchillas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Chinchillidae RODENTIA))
(define Viscachas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Chinchillidae RODENTIA))
(define Hutias(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Capromyidae RODENTIA))
(define Nutria(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Myocastoridae RODENTIA))
(define Coypu(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Myocastoridae RODENTIA))
(define Tuco-tucos(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Ctenomyidae RODENTIA))
(define Octodonts(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Octodontidae RODENTIA))
(define Degus(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Octodontidae RODENTIA))
(define Chinchilla_rats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Abrocomidae RODENTIA))
(define Spiny_rats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Echimyidae RODENTIA))
(define Cane_rats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Thryonomyidae RODENTIA))
(define African_rock_rat(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Petromyidae RODENTIA))
(define Mole_rats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Bathyergidae RODENTIA))
(define Gundis(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Rodentia 'Ctenodactylidae RODENTIA))

(define Amazon_porpoise(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea "Iniidae, Lipotidae, Platanistidae, Pontoporiidae" CETACEA))
(define Beaked_whales(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Ziphiidae CETACEA))
(define Sperm_whales(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Physeteridae CETACEA))
(define Beluga_whale(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Monodontidae CETACEA))
(define Narwhal(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Monodontidae CETACEA))
(define Marine_dolphins(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Delphinidae CETACEA))
(define Killer_whales(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Delphinidae CETACEA))
(define Porpoises(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Phocoenidae CETACEA))
(define Rorquals(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Balaenopteridae CETACEA))
(define Right_whales(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Balaenidae CETACEA))
(define Gray_whale(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Cetacea 'Eschrichtiidae CETACEA))

(define Dogs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Canidae CARNIVORA))
(define Foxes(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Canidae CARNIVORA))
(define Wolves(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Canidae CARNIVORA))
(define Jackals(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Canidae CARNIVORA))
(define Coyote(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Canidae CARNIVORA))
(define Bears(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Ursidae CARNIVORA))
(define Raccoons(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Procyonidae CARNIVORA))
(define Coatis(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Procyonidae CARNIVORA))
(define Kinkajou(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Procyonidae CARNIVORA))
(define Lesser_panda(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Procyonidae CARNIVORA))
(define Giant_panda(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Ailuropodidae CARNIVORA))
(define Weasels(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Mustelidae CARNIVORA))
(define Skunks(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Mustelidae CARNIVORA))
(define Badgers(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Mustelidae CARNIVORA))
(define Otters(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Mustelidae CARNIVORA))
(define Civets(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Viverridae CARNIVORA))
(define Genets(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Viverridae CARNIVORA))
(define Mongooses(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Herpestidae CARNIVORA))
(define Aardwolf(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Protelidae CARNIVORA))
(define Hyenas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Hyaenidae CARNIVORA))
(define Cats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Felidae CARNIVORA))
(define Eared_seals(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Otariidae CARNIVORA))
(define Sea_lions(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Otariidae CARNIVORA))
(define Walrus(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Odobenidae CARNIVORA))
(define Earless_seals(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Carnivora 'Phocidae CARNIVORA))

(define Elephants(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Proboscidea 'Elephantidae PROBOSCIDEA))

(define Hyraxes(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Hyracoidea 'Procaviidae HYRACOIDEA))

(define Dugong(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Sirenia 'Dugongidae SIRENIA))
(define Manatees(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Sirenia 'Trichechidae SIRENIA))

(define Horses(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Perissodactyla 'Equidae PERISSODACTYLA))
(define Asses(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Perissodactyla 'Equidae PERISSODACTYLA))
(define Zebras(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Perissodactyla 'Equidae PERISSODACTYLA))
(define Tapirs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Perissodactyla 'Tapiridae PERISSODACTYLA))
(define Rhinoceroses(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Perissodactyla 'Rhinocerotidae PERISSODACTYLA))

(define Pigs(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Suidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Babirusa(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Suidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Peccaries(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Tayassuidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Hippopotamuses(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Hippopotamidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Camels(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Camelidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Llama(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Camelidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Vicunas(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Camelidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Chevrotains(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Tragulidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Musk_deer(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Moschidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Deer(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Cervidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Elk(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Cervidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Moose(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Cervidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Giraffe(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Giraffidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Okapi(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Giraffidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Pronghorn(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Antilocapridae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Cattle(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Bovidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Antelope(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Bovidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Sheep(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Bovidae ARTIODACTYLA))
(define Goats(make-animal 'Mammalia 'Theria 'Eutheria 'Artiodactyla 'Bovidae ARTIODACTYLA))

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