Looking for Java code for a MIME Decoder

to decode EML email files w/attachments

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Looking for Java code for a MIME Decoder

Posted 31 December 2005 - 05:52 PM

Hello all!

I've been a programmer/developer for years but am new to the this site and to the whole bulletin board posting thing - so I hope I'm doin this right!

I've been looking high and low for quite awhile now to find a utility or source code - probably Java - for a MIME file Decoder, that will run under Windows or Linux. I need to be able to read/view EML/MIME email files, along with any attachments. I do not want to run an email client, I just want my Windows and Linux users to be able to view these archived EML email files, and maybe save them locally.

I have found all sorts of partial solutions, such as Windows-only or UNIX only utilities, class descriptions, code snippets, etc. I found a Perl solution, but I believe Windows is pretty clunky with running Perl. The closest thing I found was a Hunney JMIME API package, which we are looking at now, but I was hopeful that we could find a finished product, as my group is very new at Java development.

It looks like the Java classes exist in the JDK (Javax/JavaMail), but are not installed by default.

Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated!


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