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Mobile Media App

Post icon  Posted 21 January 2010 - 06:03 AM

Hi guys,

Im trying to develop an application for Android. I'm using Eclipse with the ADT plugin.

Ok here's the crux of it: I have a custom media PC in my lounge (all the software i like to use; VLC, Boxee etc), connected to the internet via wireless network and on my network (homegroup). It has apache running on it too. What i'm looking to do is have make an application that can control the media PC through my mobile phone (HTC Hero) via the internet so i can tell it to download songs/movies/software/ start recording etc whilst being afk. I also might want to be able to watch media that is already on my PC on my mobile. (I appreciate the bandwidth problem- but for future use etc)

So if anyone has any help they can offer, any good books to read, good websites, tips anything at all that can help me start out (a gentle push into the right direction) it'd be much appreciated. Also if you have any ideas on how to improve my app or problems you think i'll need to address please feel free.

Thanks guys, I look forward to your comments

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