Help Me Plz :Automatic Content Management for a Website

I have a website, in which latest news box contains the news of a comp

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Help Me Plz :Automatic Content Management for a Website

Post icon  Posted 21 January 2010 - 10:18 PM

Dear Friends,

I am very kind to request you all about a Content management problem...

I have a website which is been developing by Php. In my site i need to place a latest news block, its function is to roll the latest news of my company.


I used a online form to take input from different branches of my company and ask them to enter the latest news. totally those news are stored in the database and in the same way from the database to latest news block in my site. There is another condition that if there are no such recent updates then old updates must be shown other wise these old news should erase and recent updates should be display..

Note: can we place a condition that an interval/range of latest news i.e first 5 latest news/events..

Looking forward for your kind suggestions and help me

Please help me in finding the solution or plz give me a solution that how can i start it.

Can any one plz guide me that how can to develop a content management system. any tutorials.. pLz

Thank you,

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Re: Help Me Plz :Automatic Content Management for a Website

Posted 22 January 2010 - 04:48 AM

All you have to do is select 5 records which are the latest.... so you need to do ORDER BY whatever your date field is, then print them onto the screen.... Have you attempted any of this? If so post your code and we will try to help you more :)
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