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Text To Speech Covertion by TTS Kate2-16c.exe

Posted 30 January 2010 - 01:48 AM

Hi All,

Any one know how to use kate2-16c.exe to convert text to speech. Its has a nice voice library.

my problem is i have to fetch a list of place's wheather info by rss feed and then convert it into voice(.wav) files.
my code is working fine with micorsoft builtin converter. but while i call kate for covertion through a loop for all places,
its coverting periodically , thats it will convert the first one fine, then the 10th, 19th like that all files between shows 0 size. i have tried with waituntil in kate , with no hope and then used system.threading.thread.sleep(), then to the same result. if any one have idea on this Kindly help me.

Thanks in advance.

bellow is the code calling for convertion.

 Public Sub TTS_generate(ByVal Pathname As String, ByVal txtspeechtxt As TextBox)
		Dim result As Integer
		Dim Rvoice As SpeechLib.SpVoice
		Dim Rcpfilestream As SpeechLib.SpFileStream
		Dim space As String = sPathName1 & "\" & Pathname & ".wav"
		Rvoice = New SpeechLib.SpVoice
		Dim spvoiceflag As New SpeechLib.SpeechVoiceSpeakFlags
		Dim SpFileMode As New SpeechLib.SpeechStreamFileMode
		Rcpfilestream = New SpeechLib.SpFileStream
		SpFileMode = SpeechLib.SpeechStreamFileMode.SSFMCreateForWrite
		spvoiceflag = SpeechLib.SpeechVoiceSpeakFlags.SVSFDefault
		Rcpfilestream.Open(space, SpFileMode, True)

		Rvoice.AudioOutputStream = Rcpfilestream
		Rvoice.Voice = Rvoice.GetVoices.Item(cmbVoices.SelectedIndex)
		Rvoice.Volume = trVolume.Value
		Rvoice.Speak(txtspeechtxt.Text, spvoiceflag)
		Rvoice.Speak(txtspeechtxt.Text, spvoiceflag)

		Rvoice = Nothing
		'Rvoice.AudioOutputStream = Nothing
		Rcpfilestream = Nothing

	End Sub

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