Create MySQL/MSSQL Backup/Restore Through Code

How can one leverage the NET Connector to create and restore?

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Create MySQL/MSSQL Backup/Restore Through Code

Posted 04 February 2010 - 07:38 AM

I have been developing a system in C#. It's current back end is MySQL 5, but it will also soon be leveraging MSSQL (up to the user to choose based on preference or existing infrastructure). The system operates within a WAN. The client pieces run in different buildings, all communicating with a single database implementation.

What I need to figure out is a good way to create and restore database backups from within the client application. I am familiar with MySQL dumps and restores, but am not sure how to execute these commands from a remote client. I also would like to design this functionality so that hopefully there isn't much re-work that needs to take place to get it to function for MSSQL as well.

Does anyone have any experience handling this scenario? Can this be facilitated within the C# client application? Any and all advice/recommendations appreciated!

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