Passing a Static Value to Data Source

How do i setup a DataSource to accept a Static Value

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Passing a Static Value to Data Source

Posted 16 February 2010 - 07:53 AM

Not sure how to explain this but basically i am not using the Session cookie object. I have setup a system of Static/Shared objects within my web app. The object i am trying to pass to a DataSource is at prodsum.core.Line.

I have build a FormView for a app i am working on at work. In this FormView, i have several drop-down listboxes and each one will need to derive from this same Static/Shared value in their various pertinent queries against the database.

Core.Line holds a Byte value of 1 or 2

When i goto setup the DataSource in VS2k8, it only gives me the options {None | Cookie | Control | Form | Profile | QueryString | Session }. In the past i have used either Cookie or Session but for this application i am staying away from Session, Cookie and QueryString as much as possible.

Is there a way to pull this Static/Shared value from the application domain into the DataSource via the DataSource Wizard?

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