Moving a flash tween

I need help to move a flash tween (center it)

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Moving a flash tween

Posted 27 March 2010 - 02:29 AM

Hello, I am fairly new to the Flash scene, although I am a very experienced programmer, I am still getting the hang of how everything is done in flash, it is fairly easy thus far, only a couple of snags.

ok now to the problem, there is no real code to show, but what I have tried was..

CarBike_mc.y = ((stage.stageHeight / 2) - (CarBike_mc.height / 2)) -290

and I can do the same for the .x property, but it will move the movieclip to the center and erase the tween.

what I need to do is move the motion tween along with the movieclip. I need the tween to start off screen and end up at the center.

one last thing is that the movieclip is rotating, I know I can move the tween by creating a new one dynamically, but then I don't know how to rotate it...

any help is appreciated!

Oh, I forgot to mention I am using flash CS4, and I have been trying to figure out instance names for a tween, but it is hard to come by information on this topic.

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