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flash as2 image scroller click through loop?

Posted 04 April 2010 - 10:14 AM

Hello -
new to this forum...
Just having trouble trying to make this gallery of images/movies.
the problem i have is that i want to have click-through horizontal prev-next motion to it; a neverending loop, that will proceed from the last back to the first, and vice versa. I have uploaded 2 versions i have worked on. C is just standard - F is where i tried to make it loop, and got stumped. For the transitions, i am using mc_tween2 to move this long movie clip from position to position. I've tried, as you'll see, using if statements, and i got it to a point where you could be on the last image, click "next" and slide to the 1st image, apparently seamlessly, but then i couldn't go forward from there. Not expecting anyone to do this for me, but, could anyone possibly point me in the right direction?

thanks a lot!

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