what choose...

don't know how it's calles but Directx opengl sdl

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what choose...

Posted 10 May 2010 - 07:15 AM

Hello. I programm for not much time in SDL, but it's seems that it's not har anymore atleast for easy project i can imagine. Now i v sarted to think to make some or practise with some physic. So i want to ask what erm.. liblary... or i don't know how it's named... SDl opengl Directx i don't know is there some more but what is the best... no some may be better at something than others... So what better choose from all that C++ choises (libraries) to make games. On directX i can't find good tutorials that free to use. In SDL
I can't even rotate imagine without include SDL_rotate or something. And as i know SDL don't good choise to do physic in... And is it better to download free already finished engine like BOX2d or many others and play with them to make what i need ?
SO what i want:
What libraries in C++ ( SDL openGL directX ... ) Will be the best to choose ?
Is it better to download already completed engine like box2D and try do something in it ?
And if you CAN please post some good tutorials for choise you prefer :)

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Re: what choose...

Posted 11 May 2010 - 06:29 AM

Hello 4a4ik,

Since you were talking about Box2D I will assume you want to make a 2D game. You said you were programming in SDL, which is great. SDL is an awesome library for displaying graphics to the screen. In my opinion, if you've already had some experience in SDL then you should continue learning it.

Programming physics can be done with any of the libraries that you mentioned (SDL, DirectX, OpenGL) because physics really has nothing to do these libraries. Physics is all math based. Those libraries will allow you to display the images, but it is your job(using math) to make those images look like they are being acted on by forces (such as gravity).

Try this Flash tutorial on 2D game physics: Game Physics 101

GameDev.net has some Math and Physics tutorials.

Here's another tutorial: 2D Physics

If you don't want to do this all on your own, then Box2D is a good solution. I've never used it myself, but I hear many good things.

I hope that helps!

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