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Ideas to find you work!!!

Posted 02 April 2001 - 03:41 AM

Hello </dream.in.code> members,

This post is to get ideas to help you find work...

I have about 10-15 designers who have replied to a previous posting. Here are my ideas. I am looking to get backing from some serious investors to start a new company. The company will be like elance.com where companies that are looking for Flash and flash only designers will be able to post their needs on a website. You will provide a portfolio, and pricing info for yourself or your company. We will actively search for companies that need work done and then match them up with you. We will charge some percentage for finding you the work or maybe have the company pay a small fee for finding them the designers (a small fee). I need your ideas to make this work cause I am getting lots of replys from companies that need work done and I dont even have this setup yet. I know there are lots of you designers out there hungry for work and I want to create a place for you too find that work. Please post your ideas and if you are intrested in having a profile on this kind of site. If you are intrested in investing in this company please email me at [email protected] The more designers and investors that I get the greater this place could become. I am also looking for people good at backend databases who would be intrested in creating a site for this to work on. I need all requests soon to get this going.

I have some connections to some big names in the NFL and the NBA who are intrested in having some cool flash sites done. Also I have a bunch of small companies lined up waiting to have their sites done.

The reason I am doing this is because I just don't have the time to do all these sites and I want to help people out.

Please send all questions and or comments to me at [email protected] or post them here.

Samuel Erwin
Artech Designs, Inc.

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