reference class varables from another class

Referencing a class varible from another class

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reference class varables from another class

Post icon  Posted 08 September 2006 - 04:56 AM

Hi sorry for sounding a bit stupid but I cant seem to work out how to refernce or call another varible set in once class and call it from another class. Below is a simple breakdown of my process with both ' *.cpp ' and ' *.h ' files. I have just included the basic code snipits but you should get what is happening.
1) Main Class used to start the application:
Class Name StartMain()
void StartMain::CreateWindow()
   m_MainVideoWindow = new WindowControl(); // WindowControl is the second class file WindowControl.cpp
   m_MainVideoWindow->Create(NULL,"",WS_POPUP | WS_THICKFRAME,rc,NULL,0,0); // bare window

#include "WindowControl.h"
class StartMain : public CWnd
WindowControl* m_MainVideoWindow;

2)Class file that creates the multibile child windows
int WindowControl::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct) 
if (CWnd::OnCreate(lpCreateStruct) == -1)
   return -1;
memset(m_windows, 0, sizeof(m_windows)); 
for(int i=0;i<15;i++){
			  m_windows[j] = new CreateWindows();
			  m_windows[j]->Create(NULL,NULL,WS_CHILD |WS_THICKFRAME,rc,this,j,0);
void WindowControl::Paint()
for(DWORD j=0;j<g_SplitInfo.scSplitConf.uNumRects;j++){ //Number of rects is 16 so 16 squares are painted on the MainVideoWindow each a new instance if it's self
		   RECT rc = g_SplitInfo.scSplitConf.rcRect[j];
			int thisWinX = (int)(rc.left*gridX+2);
			int thisWinY = (int)(*gridY+2);
			int thisWinWidth = (int)(rc.right*gridX-2);
			int thisWinLength =(int)(rc.bottom*gridY-2); 
			int	  width, height;
			width = thisWinWidth - thisWinX;
			height  = thisWinLength	 -  thisWinY;

#include "CreateWindows.h"
class WindowControl : public CWnd
CreateWindows* m_windows[128]; //array for multibile instance of separate windows to display video signals

3)Class file to control functions from each video server connected to application this class is the backbone that controls every fuction related to each child video window.
###### This is the class that I want to be able to call each instance of m_windows[] #######

I hope someone can help me and thanks in advance

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