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Is a "cms" possible

Posted 06 August 2010 - 06:18 AM

My current project is a customer service page that is allowing our clients to log in, view various information and submit various support requests.
It was requested that I allow the CEO's the ability to modify several things on the site without needing to know how to code.
Which I have done, but I think it can be done a better way.
Currently it works like this.

This is designed to send emails to our support department.
as well as insert records into our database.

---Customer Support Page---
1 Drop down list to select support requests. (Always Visible)
--- ---
4 Drop Down Lists.
4 Single Line Text Boxes
2 Calenders
2 Multiline Text Boxes
each has its own panel.

---Admin Page---
Creates a new "Support Request", Gives you the option to enable/disable all the above Items
Label everything, and set what the drop down lists display.
On this page there is also a multi line text box (Email Body) that is used to layout the email that is sent.
all of this is stored in our database.

using various tags inserted into the email body on the admin page, IE: [DDList1], [Cal1], [Name], etc.., the customer support page converts the tags into actual data based on what the customer inserts/selects, then sends an email to our support department and inserts the data into the appropriate table on our database.

Kind of surprised at how well it worked considering 6 months ago I had very little knowledge of VB and no knowledge of ASP.

What I want to know is it possible to make all this dynamic?
Like instead of just turning visibility on and off for precoded panels.
I basically just give it a "template" to use, and then they can add as many text boxes, drop down lists, etc that they want.
while still allowing them to easily insert tags into the Email Body and it be able to retrieve the required info when the customer presses the send button?.

Mike C.

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Re: Is a "cms" possible

Posted 06 August 2010 - 07:31 AM

Sounds like a job for Ajax to me, but I'm not the right guy to ask :)
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