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Media Center - reorder channels broken?

Posted 18 October 2010 - 04:33 PM

I'm not a computer noobie: I've been a tech for 20 years and a programmer for at least half of that.

I like Media Center for my living room TV. Downloaded shows, recorded shows, live tv, DVD all on one box/remote.

On to the problem:

I'm in a location where the channels broadcast are not as they appear in one of the local cable tv provider line-ups. Meaning:
Channel 2 is not the TVGuideChannel, it is TBS.
Channel 3 is not FOX, it is ABC.
Channel 4 is not TBS, it is USA. And so on

When I do the initial setup, all 20 channels (2-23) have a signal and show picture and sound. But of course the channel shown does not match the EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

One would think "No problem. Go into Settings | TV | Guide | Edit Channels and re-order them. I've gotten really good at this.
  • Go down the list and tick off every one I don't have. [save]
  • Go down the list again this time on the network name not the tick box, hit enter, provide the channel slot number, choose 'swap' with current channel
  • [repeat]
  • [save]

Here's the rub. The on-screen EPG now lists all the networks in their proper slots.
2 is now TBS,
3 is now ABC,
4 is now USA and so on. But when you go to that channel "There is currently no signal for this channel" and all you have is snow.

So I buy a brand new tuner, raved about by other users and approved for Win7. Take off the ATIWonder-USB and plug in the Hauppauge! WinTV-HVR850. New hardware detected... Media Center "Would you like to setup your new tuner?" ... and the same thing. All channels are tuned. But when reordered to match the provider broadcast order most of them are dead/static.

When I go back into Settings | TV | Guide | Edit Channels and hit "Use Default", everything snaps back into place according to the downloaded setup, and all the channels tune in again - but don't match the EPG. Leaving me looking up a show on the EPG which says 42 USA, then not being able to hit [ENTER] but instead manually entering 4. It also means I can't do scheduled recordings.

Anyone have a work around or even seen this before? I'd settle for knowing I'm not the only one.

My next step is nuking the drive and re-installing the OS & applications. After that it becomes manually editing XML files and registry settings.

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