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dream.in.code newsletter - issue 20

Posted 03 October 2001 - 09:04 AM

Issue 20 - Wednesday October 3, 2001
In this issue from www.dreamincode.net

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1. Site News and Stats
2. Announcements and Forum Threads
3. Industry News for Web Developers
4. Ramble - From Chris Kenworthy

1. News @ dream.in.code

A few changes this week at dream.in.code! We heard
your requests for less BS and more programming and
design content. So now you will only see quality
content on the homepage, and you are now able to see
what forum a post is in so you arent looking at c++
stuff when you have no clue what c++ even is!

We have also streamlined the homepage making it load
twice as fast by eliminating the site news and
scrubbing the code. So enjoy the speed increase you
dial-up folks!

The dream.in.code developers guild is moving along
nicely and will be up soon. For those of you who
dont yet know what this is, the guild is a
professional association for web designers and
programmers which helps build credibility and
respect for the members who belong to it. Right now
the plan is for just บ per year you will have a
full membership in the guild. We will market this to
companies and search facilities on the net to make
the database available to potential clients looking
for developers in their area. Additional items such
as full company/personal profiles and custom
certificates to use in resumes will also be available
for those members interested. Stay tuned to the site
for updates regarding the guild.

We are almost at 600 members and 10,000 posts! w00t!

dream.in.code currently has:

106 Resources: http://www.dreamincode.net/resources
48 Tutorials: http://www.dreamincode.net/tutorials
22 Forums: http://www.dreamincode.net/forums.htm

Total Members: 598
Total Posts: 9333
Total Topics: 1126

2. Announcements and Forum Stuff

*New IRC Chat Room!*
http://www.dreaminco...-bin....Summary of recent updates to the site*

*How to post articles and tutorials*

*Submit a resource or link of your own*
3. Industry News

Build Web Cred...
Business 2.0 Wed Oct 3 01:09:00 MDT 2001  

eRetailers Losing Billions Due to Useless Site Search Functions: Top 7 Tools for Your Web Site...
eMarketingToHer.com Tue Oct 2 21:34:28 MDT 2001  

W3C extends patent plan comment time...
Business 2.0 Tue Oct 2 09:20:00 MDT 2001  

Web tools for comparing insurers...
San Francisco Chronicle Tue Oct 2 02:49:35 MDT 2001  

News powered by Moreover Technologies...

4. Ramble - From Chris Kenworthy

I am pissed, yesterday I got home and rememberd I
had a rough draft of a 4 page paper due in 30
minutes, so what do I do, I jump in word and start
typing away. 30 minutes later, paper is done, I hop
in my car, drive to class, when I get there I wait
all night (its a 3 hour night class) for us to turn
in our rough drafts, you know, I was proud I managed
to crank out 4 pages in 30 minutes. Well bottom line
we didnt need our rough drafts for that class.

So I wasted 30 minutes and stressed out over that
paper, and it wasnt even due!

Oh well tis life right? On a side note, I finally got
Windows 2000 installed on my new computer and I love
it, thank you Vetritus!

Thats it from me, have a good one everybody!

best regards,
[email protected]

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