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Substitution Cipher

Posted 29 November 2010 - 08:02 PM

For a school assignment I am required to make a program that will encrypt or decrypt a message. We were given the table of subsitutions. I have it store in a struct

   struct database //define struct 
	   char normal;
	   char substitute;

Then I declared a record of arrays

database table [30];

Then I have the substitution table stored in table.normal with the original character and table.substitute with the substitution character.

table[1].normal = 'a';
table[1].substitute = '*';

table[2].normal = 'b';
table[2].substitute = '=';

I have to prompt the user whether they want to encrypt and decrypt the message (this I know how to do)

I am required to use the following code to get text from the user and to write it back to the console
// readLine()
// Uses cin in a slightly different way to allow blanks to be read
// The line "ends" when the user types "return" i.e., '\n'
// but if the line is too long, the extra characters are ignored
// User must provide the array, and maximum size,
// The function returns the number of characters actually read
// can be less than the maximum
// Bug fix: this version really does get rid of extra characters!

int readLine(char theLine[], int maxChars)
  string buffer;
  getline(cin, buffer);  
  int charCount; 
  for(charCount = 0; charCount < maxChars && charCount < buffer.length();  charCount = charCount + 1)
    theLine[charCount] = buffer[charCount];  // copy to the array

  return charCount;

// writeLine()
// uses cout to output a char array
// (Note: this use of theLine is not standard)
void writeLine(char theLine[], int lineLength)
  int index;
  for (index = 0; index < lineLength; index++)
    cout << theLine[index];
  cout << endl;

So far I have prompted the user to enter a message to encrypt, and whether they want to encrypt it or decrypt it. What I am having with is how to do a linear search. I have the user input stored in an array. What I think I need to do is go to the first element of the array, and go through the records to find the substitution character and put it into a second array. Once I have converted all the characters and filled the new array. Display the contents of the second array. However, I am not sure how to implement this in C++. Can anyone give me any pushes in the right direction?

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Re: Substitution Cipher

Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:31 AM

Your solution will work and is easy to write.

Give it a try and show us your best effort (in a compiling program) if you have problems.

Do it in stages.

First stage write a loop that walks through every element of the plaintext string and outputs each character to the screen.
Then nest a loop that uses the current plain text character to find the substitute value.
Continue on in small steps getting each small step to work before trying the next small step.
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