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Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

Posted 08 December 2010 - 02:22 PM

Current Ruby Forum Leaders

xclite said:


I'm Brian. I am a graduate of Virginia Tech and work as a programmer analyst for a contracting company (mostly Java).

I started programming in 9th grade of high school, starting with BASIC, then Pascal, and finally Java. I've played with a lot of languages, but I'm most familiar with Java and Ruby.

I don't honestly remember how I got into Ruby - I remember wanting a language that wasn't Java. I wrote a Perl script and couldn't remember what it did 5 minutes later. The comment line was longer than the program. I worked with Python for a while, and although it gets things done, I often find myself hacking around the "one obvious way to do things." Ruby lets me get things done, it's highly readable, and it has never gotten in my way.

Besides programming, I enjoy the hell out of video games, running, and lifting weights.

I've been called a beer snob on occasion.


I'm Brandon. I'm a CS and Business Graduate from MSSU, working as a Software Developer (Rails, Ruby, JS, and a lot of ZSH.)

I started programming some time around 5th Grade with RPG Maker, then decided I wanted to be an Artist or a Musician. I got pulled back in with SkillsUSA Web Design later in High School and decided to go for a CS and Business Degree shortly after. I got into Ruby with my first real tech job. I thought Perl was kludgy and Python indentation always bothered me, so I found Ruby. I chose Ruby as a nice halfway between C-like languages and LISP, with all the power of Perl.

I love Ruby because I can do things far more concisely and elegantly than I could in much of any other language except LISP itself. Now in my current job I get to write Ruby all day long, and I love every minute of it.

Off the clock, I write Open Source Gems, do digital art, play multiple instruments, learn spoken languages (poorly), teach kids how to code, and eventually I plan to start speaking at conferences.

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Replies To: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

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Re: Get To Know Your Forum Leaders

Posted 11 January 2014 - 09:54 PM

Lemur here, joining to group of Forum Leaders for Ruby. Glad to be here!
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