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dream.in.code newsletter 37: pot of gold

Posted 12 March 2002 - 11:01 PM

Issue 37 - Wednesday March 13, 2002

In this issue from http://www.dreamincode.net

Brought to you by:

Get Multiple Domains with Guardian Hosting’s Developers Series.

Hosting Plans include access to H-Sphere Control
Panel, PhpMyAdmin, Webalizer, web Mail and more.
All directly accessible from our Support Site.
Modern Scripting tools such as PHP and CGI, as well
as MySQL Database access, are also available.

The Developer Series:
Dev3 – 3 domains – 150 megs – 3 gigs - ฟ.95
Dev10 – 10 domains – 500 megs – 5 gigs - -อ.95
Dev20 – 20 domains – 1,000 megs – 8 gigs - แ.95

Coming Soon --- reseller.dream

What's in this newsletter?

1. Site News
2. Member Pick of the Week
3. News for Geeks
4. Windows XP Tips and Tricks (From http://www.xpreme.com)
5. Recent Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews!
6. Newly Added Resources
8. Rant from Riceraver
9. Rant from Quik
10. Ramble from Webmaster Chris Kenworthy

dream.in.code statistics: http://www.dreamincode.net/webalizer
1. News @ dream.in.code

It's been a really good week as usual! This edition
of the dream.in.code newsletter has a lot of great
information so take a few minutes and read it all.

Madness Competition! You can win a free t-shirt,
book, gift certificate, and more. You have a very
good chance of winning as very few have entered this
competition! Check here for more details:


Let's see what else we got going, I totally missed
mentioning our 1 year birthday last week! So for
those taht don't know, March is dream.in.code's 1
year anniversary!

Check this out, March 17th is St. Patty's day! One
of those little green fellers will pick 1 member at
the end of St. Patty's day and give him/her a pot
of gold! Well... at least a บ gift certificate
from Amazon.com. The only way to win is to post on
March 17th! So watch out for those little green guys
and post your heart out! For details head over to
this thread:


And of course you still have 19 days to get those
wallpapers for the SpringThis! Competition in. If
you haven't checked it out, the winner gets FREE
WEB HOSTING FOR A YEAR from http://www.guardianhosting.net
For details on THIS competition just click here:


As I'm sure you've noticed, we've arranged a bunch
of competitions for you and there is only gonna be
more, as we just got a sponcorship package from
AlienWare including rebates, hats, mousepads, and
more. So keep an eye out for more comeptitions!

And one last thing I feel it's important to mention
that I saw in Lockergnome Tech Specialist:

http://[email protected]

"A virus posing as a security patch from Microsoft is
making its way around the Internet faster than
expected, causing Symantec to boost the threat
assessment. I haven't seen this bugger hit my inbox
yet, but it's said to be on the move. An attachment
by the name of Q216309.exe will be present, along
with text claiming that the file is a patch for a
security flaw. If the file is launched, a trojan will
be installed on the PC and the virus will propagate
itself through Outlook using its own SMTP engine."
- From Lockergnome Tech Specialist

2. Member Pick of the Week

Pick: PHP and MySQL Web Development
Picked By: The Neoracle
Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec....0

Not only a desk reference for both PHP and MySQL,
this book has almost 400 pages of code sample. From
CMS to Shopping Carts, this book is a great way to
learn this amazing pair or take your coding to the
next level.

Submit your own Member Pick:
3. News for Geeks

Those techs raped your stupid mind good

EFF BOFH arrested

Why isn't SMT Xeon scaling?

WLAN kit heads towards £50 mark

'Boob' makes Fool disappear

Dabs scores Xbox web-pricing own goal

54Mbps WLANs roll in UK, Netherlands

MS to offer Europe extra antitrust 'concessions'

1m Orange punters hit by glitch

IDC sees bottom of server market, predicts recovery

Powered by The Register

4. XP Tips and Tricks (From http://www.xpreme.com)

Hello coders! This week before featuring a tip I
want to remind you that they come from my online
book. Oh would you buy a print book by myself?
Like an ULTIMATE XP thing, with EVERYTHING you
would EVER want to or need to know about XP? Let
me know: [email protected] I appreciate your comments.

Now for this weeks tip:
Add More Admin Account Pictures

Each user gets to pick a picture to use for their
account picture. Well maybe you want a picture of
yourself or your company logo to be an option for
each user on the system.

Well simply copy the graphic that is 48x48 pixels large to:

C:Documents And SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftUser Account PicturesDefault Pictures

Try it. I have an XPreme picture you might want to use:

Thanks to Brad Kelly for the image.

-Raymond G Angel

5. Recent Articles, Tutorials, and Reviews!

Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 2) in Perl/Javascript/XML/PHP

Building A PHP-Based Mail Client (part 1) in Perl/Javascript/XML/PHP

Making an Object follow your Mouse in Flash 5

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer in Product Reviews

Neat Triangle Effects in Photoshop 6.0

GearGrip Pro in Product Reviews

Logitech Quickcam Web in Product Reviews

Maxtor 60.0GB Internal Hard Drive (7200RPM) in Product Reviews

6. Newly Added Resources

E Y E N O V A T I O N  (added: 7-Mar-2002)
Eyenovation is a small, award winning, California based
multimedia studio specializing in Web, Print, Graphic Design
and More.

Acky.net - totorials and more ! (added: 7-Mar-2002)
This is a Great resourse , with loads of Photoshop , Flash ,
VB totorials , Java scripts , CGI scripts , Forums and even
Windows tips and Easter Eggs , its well worth checking Out!

Andre Verhage Website (added: 8-Mar-2002)
This sites is about Andre Verhage a Rock artist from the
Netherlands and a webdesigner. The site is all made by
himself. check it out

Builder.com (added: 12-Mar-2002)
Anything and everything that has to do with web design can
be found here. There are thousands of online courses,
whitepapers, books, and product reviews. From Flash or
Dreamweaver to PHP and Databases, you'll find something
here. One of the nets largest resources brought to you by

Submit your own resources!
8. Rant from Riceraver

Okay, so here goes. Why is it that some people
appreciate your hardwork and others don't? I, like
many others, have worked our butts off to get
respect. Then what happens? Nothing. You are left
behind like everyone else with all your hardwork
forgotten. Why am I ranting about this? I'll explain
next week... if Chris reminds me. =)


9. Rant from Quik

So, up here in Toronto Ontario (Canada) Its march
break! Nice!! this means off of school for a whole
week! w00t'ness.

The weather here has been totally random! One day,
mass ammount of wind, the other nice and sunny!
Hopefully we're hitting the spring soon, so I can
start catching spring pics for the dreamincode
contest I may enter! Wow, a full year of hosting!

Speaking of competitions, SlashRaids NCAA competition
seems pretty ineteresting! I dont think a whole lot
o people know bout' it, so check it out at
http://www.dreamincode.net/cgi-bin....p>Well, the past few weeks has been Amazing!! I dont
recall one day passed where I was in a bad mood!
Thanks to Chris, I got hooked up with a scripting
job regards to php/mysql. Then, oddly enough, I
happen to pop into flashkit to see their backend
forum. Someone needed help there, and offered to
pay me to do it. Thank you paypal!!! So anyways,
web-design related jobs have been going nice!

Last week,  I saw 40days and 40nights. Friggen great
movie!! Really funny! I suggest you all go out and
see it. Definatley two thumbs up! Friday night, was
also great, went out with this nice chick from my
school. Saw the worst movie ever-- The Time Machine,
and well, lets not discuss what happend after. ^_^

Today, I went shopping with my sis, bought some nice
new shizzle (clothing colone etc!). Only because I
have another date with a girl I got hooked up with
through a friend =) Big Pimpin! haha, okay I think
you heard enough of my love stories!

Ryan Dury
9. Ramble from Webmaster Chris Kenworthy

Alrighty, I'll cover a few things this week in the
ramble. First being the new show on MTV: The Osbournes
Yeh, it friggin rocks! I'm totally hooked on it, Ozzy
is just totally wasted and the kids are crazy! It's
just awesome. Next thing is my HP Photosmart Digi
Cam. I wanted to take pictures of my new stickers I
got for my car, full back window dream.in.code sticker
with the URL under it... it's tight! Anyway, I wanted
to show ya'll some pictures but when I went to snag
the pictures from the cam, I found I didn't have the
XP drivers, so I go to download them from the HP
site, well... you can't... you have to PAY for the
stupid drivers now! I couldn't believe it, it's all
good now though, they rectified the situation, but
I'm still hella pissed.

I put off my #### photoshop final exam for 5 weeks.
And tonight found myself hurrying to get it finished
in time for tomorrows due date. But, it's done! So
yeh, it's all good!

Check this out, I'm tired of little kids bitching at
me about how they can design and how my site sucks
and all this BS when they can't even do HTML forms!
What kinda crazy f-ed up shit is that? It aint cool
to go dissing on someone that's twice your age and
knows 10 times what you do. And another thing, I'm
tired of seeing friggin loser-ass-kids mooch off
others, if you want something done, try it yourself!
Don't come to me and ask me to do your homework
assignment then LIE to me that it's not for school!
I know you aint doing this crap on your own! What
idiot would program something to calculate the high
and low values of something (just an example) on
BAN THOSE THAT DO! AND HAVE! Yeh, that's my little
rant for this week. Peace f00!~

Chris Kenworthy
dream.in.code webmaster
[email protected]

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Replies To: dream.in.code newsletter 37: pot of gold

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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 37: pot of gold

Posted 13 March 2002 - 08:45 AM

*bumps it on to the homepage*
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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 37: pot of gold

Posted 13 March 2002 - 12:52 PM



site rocks, but if you enforced that first part, we'd all be banned by now :biggrin:

i know what you mean though.

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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 37: pot of gold

Posted 13 March 2002 - 01:01 PM

Naw, there's a big difference about joking around and the retards that come on here and steal graphics, ask for people to do shit for them with no payment, etc.

I totally agree man, there is a ban button for a reason.  Don't Fuck around cause we're not.

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Re: dream.in.code newsletter 37: pot of gold

Posted 13 March 2002 - 01:24 PM

I am moving the deadline for entries to March 14th at 11:00 am EST. This should allow a little more time to decide if you want to enter. I strongly encourge all to enter, chances are in your favor here. :smile: I will be posting the price packs here in about 2 hrs. or so, be sure to check them out. Any questions let me know. ([email protected] or HardStop21 on AIM)
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