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erd designing help

Posted 15 January 2011 - 09:06 AM

i have this scenario for a school project:

You have been sub-contracted to design the database system for Marlowe Interiors. Marlowe Interiors is
a medium sized interior design company that does building work and decorating. An initial analysis of
Marlowe Interiors has identified the following requirements:
 Marlowe Interiors keeps a record of the jobs it performs. Jobs are for particular customers and
classified by job type (Single Room, Part-house, Whole-house). The full cost of a job depends on
the labour used and the parts used. Records of parts and labour should be kept separately.
 Labour costs depend on the type of work done. A job may have different sorts of work and employ
one or more types of worker (plumber, labourer, qualified builder, interior designer, electrician). A
worker will work on more than one job. The hourly rate of pay for each of these types of worker
will vary as shown below:

Type Rate per Hour
Plumber 50
Labourer 20
Qualified Builder 55
Interior Designer 39
Electrician 50

 A job may involve one or more parts. Examples of parts are: sink, bath, pipe, thermostat, wallpaper,
decking, door, light-fitting. The costs of these parts will vary and suitable test values should be
supplied as part of the initial implementation.
 Parts are supplied by various suppliers. The cost of a part could vary depending on the supplier.
 A customer record should be kept for the job with all the usual details such as name, address and

i want to make an erd.

i identified these entities :
job type
worker type

the problem is that i am not sure if these are correct and also how can i beging structuring my erd.

any help appriciated


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