[MX] Load Movie Behavior not playing actionscript

Certain actionscript not plating when swf is imported

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[MX] Load Movie Behavior not playing actionscript

Posted 21 November 2006 - 01:40 PM

Hi all

Having real beef with a project. Want to keep the loading time to a minimum as it is going to be a huge site, and all is working well. Apart from that actionscript that I have included to get scrollers to work, will not play once swf is imported. Basic actionscript is working, like rollovers but not the scrolling? Could be being mental....(probably)

Here is example code:

To load movie

//load Movie behavior
if(this.exhib_screen == Number(this.exhib_screen)){
} else {
//End behavior

The swfs work fine when opened idividually, it seems to be somethign to do with the loading of the movie, alomost like it is not bringing the actionscript in. Have been at this all day and would love some help xx (It may be really basic to some people, but its driving me nuts!!!!) :crazy:

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Re: [MX] Load Movie Behavior not playing actionscript

Posted 27 November 2006 - 12:07 PM

The code you posted has no script which controls scrolls.
I'd suggest you check the code for the scrolling... specifically the paths used to/from the movie clips. You have to remember that when the movieclip is loaded into a different one... paths change. It's no longer _root.

Paste the code with the scrolls, if you like, and I'll have a look.
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