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Game Project: The Golden Century (Looking for new Members)

Posted 25 March 2011 - 04:12 AM

Welcome to this Thread about the brand new Game Project!

Let me first introduce myself. I'm Alex Wijnholds and I'm the A.S. Club Owner and the Development Leader of The Golden Century :: The Game. We have already a Server-Side Scripter (Me), 3D Modeler and a Music Composer. But we are searching for new Team Members to improve the speed of the game development progress.

Those new member should have some time available every week. I'm running on very low budget. So i can't give you any money/salary yet. But this game will be a MMORPG with also subscriptions and free playing. When i have income from advertisement or from those subscription, I'm happy to give everyone a share of it. Let me explane about the game:


The game is based of the 17 Century or like they say: The Golden Century. In the game you can choose from many nations like The Dutch, British, French and Spain.
(More will be added.) And also the wars between all nations will be added to. For example war between British and French 1754–1763 and also the Spanish war involved most of Europe.

The game will be following the time line as it is described in Wikipedia. Many historic events will be added to the game. Also we are building animations to real time events.

Also many real ships will be added and can be customized as the player progresses trough the game. Some of those ships classes are: Flute ship (Dutch), 74-gun ship (Europe), Brig, Bark and offcourse the warship the Frigate.

The map were are designing is based onto the real world in the time of the 17 Century. And we will use our own city's and land to the game. But if you set sail with your ship you can navigate trough the world in the 17 century.

And further we got our combat system for land and sea. We have decided that you can attack only enemy's of your nation. We will use real used swords and guns in our game as well. And for ships you can upgrade the canons.

We have discussed how we will use our ship systems for the players and decide that their be Division on the ship that you can command as captain. Or that you be a member of such a Division. Every Devision got their own cannon to command.

Screenshots for now: http://www.tgcgame.c...creenshots.html
Official Website: http://www.tgcgame.com/
Forum: http://www.as-club.nl/forum/

We are still looking for the follow jobs:
- Server-Side Script (Knowledge of C++ required)
- 3D Modelers (Knowledge of atleast 3DS Max or Maya required)
- Graphical Artist (Knowledge of atleast Photoshop required)

Thanks you for reading this Topic.
We are looking forward to have you as one of our team members.

(A.S. Club Owner & Development Leader)

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