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Authentication for Admin Use from Login

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ASP Help Needed > Authentication

Posted 29 April 2002 - 08:51 AM

My first use of the forums here... if anybody can help... a suitable sacrifice will be made in your honour!

I have set up a User Login... and want to protect my admin pages with proper authentication... hence if they try to bypass the login, they get returned to the Login...

My DB is simple... titled: "members"
I have the following columns...

My functioning Login Page is as follows:
I have it posted at: http://www.itmedia.c...abase/login.asp

<% pageTitle = "Log On" %>
<TITLE><%= pageTitle %></TITLE>
<BODY bgcolor="CCCCCC">
<h1>IT Media Test Page</h1>
'First check to see if user is already logged in
if Request.cookies("isLoggedInAs") = "" then  
    <H2>Administrator Login</H2>
    <% if Request.querystring("retry") = "password" then %>
         <h3>Invalid Password</h3>
    <% elseif Request.querystring("") = "username" then %>
         <h3>Invalid username</h3>
    <% end if %>
    <FORM ACTION="login_action.asp" METHOD="post">
    Username:  <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="p_username"><BR>
    Password:  <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="p_password"><BR>
    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Log In">
<% else  %>
Exiting Administration Area
    Goodby <%= Request.cookies("isLoggedInAs")("first_name") %>
    <br><A HREF="logoff.asp">Continue</a>.
<% end if %>

and I wish to include an 'include' on the subsequent pages... as follows:

   Function isAdmin
       set itmediaDB = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
       itmediaDB.Open "itmedia"
       p_currentuser = Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER")
       set adminSet = itmediaDB.Execute("select group from "_
            & " members where username='" & p_currentuser & "'" )
       if adminSet.EOF then
            isAdmin = false
       elseif adminSet("group") = "admin" then
            isAdmin = true
            isAdmin = false
       end if
       set adminSet = Nothing
       set itmediaDB = Nothing
   End Function

with this, my admin pages themselves would be as follows...
<%@ Language=VBScript %>

if isAdmin then

   <td><a href="edit.asp">Delete a Record</a></td>

   set itmediaDB = Nothing

   Response.Write "You do not have access to this page."

end if

end if

however in no simple terms... there is something amiss here... as I get the "You do not have access to this page."
hence, it works, but I am not being accepted as an authorized admin person...

Can anybody help me either on this code... or how to set this up?!


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Re: ASP Help Needed > Authentication

Posted 03 May 2002 - 01:03 PM

well, I didn't examine your code fully, but it seems awfully complicated for what you're trying to do.

Generally, this is my method:

1) Use session variables (not cookies, what a pain) to keep track of whether or not they're logged in
2) On each page, find out if they're logged in. If not, redirect to the main page. If they are, continue.
3) On the main page, if they're logged in, give them their options. If not, provide a login form.

So it's as simple as:

(main page)

If Request.Form("login") = "submit" Then
   'process the login form
End If

If Session("login") = "" Then   'provide a login form Else   'give them their admin options End If

(other pages)

If Session("login") = "" Then
End If

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