RDF Parsing?

does anyone know an easy way?

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RDF Parsing?

Posted 24 May 2002 - 02:16 AM

I would like to parse the data out of an RDF file and display it on my site.  For example the Register had an RDF file of tech news (I'm guessing that's what this site is using on the home page).  It is found at:

Is there an easy way to do this? I was thinking aboutgrabbing it with a CFHTTP than parsing it as a string but that will suck.  I realize people might not use coldfusion, but I guess I am looking for the general concept. Any help?

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Re: RDF Parsing?

Posted 24 May 2002 - 10:19 AM

Sorry, cant help you with coldfusion bit but if you cant/wont swap to another language then you may have to look at rolling your own (I assume you have tried google, which gave me a list of XML parsers for Coldfusion but nothing RDF specific)

BTW search.cpan.org returns 73 different modules (not all relevent but you get the idea).

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