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dynamic links

Posted 28 March 2002 - 02:12 AM

well how i got mine set is if you want to got to the ps2 games section you the link would be index.php?page=ps2/games
so now i want to know if i can do something like index.php?page=ps2/games?letter=a to print all the ps2 games that start with a. i got the sorting code working fine. now i just need to figure this out. im using foxserve to do this all on my local machine so you cant see what i am doing. but i set that link up on my page and when i click it get sent to illustrain.com. dont ask me why

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Re: dynamic links

Posted 28 March 2002 - 06:42 AM

I've told you already to think this out before you jump to conclusions of you not knowing.

Think about how I explained the $letter variable and do the same with FROM...

Logically you would need a variable after FROM to do this!..

Im on aim if u need help.

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