Matlab Blues

Help with Editing Multiple Images in Matlab

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Matlab Blues

Post icon  Posted 26 January 2007 - 09:45 AM


I am 19 secs new and already have a problem. I have been trying to edit a sequence of images in matlab. The problem isn't that I haven't already figured out the right functions I need to use to edit the images, but that I can't seem to get matlab to read the images into its system. It keeps saying crazy things like file does not exist. Also get a warning that says: Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton
subscripts. (?) But, to truly understand what I am talking about I am going to post the script that I wrote. I know there must be a lot of things wrong with it, and I could really use some expert advice.

testpath = ('/home/ltoops/test1')
dirOutput = dir(fullfile(testpath, 'frame.*.jpg'));
fileNames = {};
numFrames = numel(fileNames);

I = imread([testpath, '/', fileNames{1}]);

%Preallocate the array
sequence = zeros([size(I) numFrames],class(I));
sequence(:,:,:,1) = I;

%Create image sequence array
for p = 1:numFrames
sequence(:,:,p) = imread(fileNames{p});

for k = 1:numFrames

im1_bw = im2bw(i,.3);
se = strel('disk', 1);
im1_close = imclose(im1_bw, se);


What I want is to read all the images in a file into matlab, then convert the images to a binary images, based on a threshold, and finally fill in any spots on my image with the imclose function. I can't do any of these because it won't read my images.

I would really appreciate any help.

Thanks so much,

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Re: Matlab Blues

Posted 23 September 2007 - 04:59 AM

What happens when you execute this code? Do you get an error message?
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