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[link] Depixelizing Pixel Art

Posted 25 May 2011 - 08:16 AM


It's a bit rare that we see a nice merging of comp sci and graphics.


Two researchers -- Johannes Kopf from Microsoft, and Dani Lischinski from The Hebrew University -- have successfully created an algorithm that depixelizes and upscales low-resolution 8-bit "pixel art" into lush vector graphics. The algorithm identifies pixel-level details to accurately shade the new image -- but more importantly, the algorithm can create smooth, curved contour lines from only-connected-on-the-diagonal single pixels.
To achieve such beautiful images, the researchers use a complex blend of pixel analysis and spline curves.

Some general mechanics:
  • First and foremost, they can assume that every pixel is important
  • If a pixel is all alone in a sea of another color, it's an important feature
  • in a 2x2 checkerboard pattern, should the diagonals form a line, or no
  • (groups) are re-shaped, smoothed with spline curves, and then rendered as edges or shaded areas

Possible application:


some optimization could eventually lead to emulator that can upscale our our favorite retro games in real time.
we might be able to play Super Mario Bros. on a big screen without stretching our beloved plumber's pixels to breaking point.

I can't seem to get a functioning hand on their article. Probably shot to hell by the pub, but in the future here are the links:



After and before:
Posted Image

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Re: [link] Depixelizing Pixel Art

Posted 25 May 2011 - 08:44 AM

Bloody hell.. I am going to look further into this... wonder if they have released the algorithm!
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