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CIS Program

Posted 26 May 2011 - 06:41 PM

I started this in a different post that led from a conversation but figured it would be better suitable here. I am enrolled in Computer Information Systems and have basically finished all my core classes because I transferred from a two year college and now I am into my technical classes and only have a couple business classes left. Was hoping for some suggestions on ways to prep for the upcoming technical/programming classes. I have already taken C#, vb.net, web development, project management and systems development out of the courses. Here they are:

The following twenty four (24) hours are required of all CIS majors:
-Finished •INFS 2400 Web Development
-Finished •INFS 2600 Programming Logic w/VB.Net
•INFS 3200 Business Application Development
-Finished •INFS 3400 Object Oriented Programming with C#.Net
-Finished •INFS 3800 Project Management and Systems Development
•INFS 4790 Database Design and Development
•INFS 4900 Business Data Communications
•INFS 4950 Advanced Web-Enabled Application Development

Auxiliary requirement:
• QM 4010 Decision Science Techniques

In addition, six (6) hours of electives must be chosen from the following courses:
•INFS 2730 Programming Languages
•INFS 3500 Decision Support Systems
•INFS 3990/4990 Independent Study in Information Systems
•INFS 4200 Data-Enhanced Internet Applications
•INFS 4300 Security Assurance and Information Systems Auditing
•INFS 4420 Information Systems Internship
•INFS 4500 New Technologies in Information Systems
•INFS 4740 Information Resource Management
•INFS 4830 Database Programming

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Re: CIS Program

Posted 26 May 2011 - 07:13 PM

I've found that having a little experience with Databases is beneficial, so I would suggest one of the database classes. The suggestion is more for after school than to prepare for tech classes, as a lot of businesses deal with databases.

Oh, and I would also suggest the internship! It's a good way to get your foot in the door and get real world hands on experience.

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