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Exporting Video for RSS Aggregators & iPod....

Posted 03 February 2007 - 11:30 PM

from FCP 4.5 HD, i recently exported out an mp4 w/ the H.264 codec and used settings recommended for the iPod and i was happy that it did transfer onto the video iPod and looked wonderful. however, feedburner did not pick up this file (it picked up .mov files off of my test blog, but not this mp4.)

then i read about quicktime pro and i tried this method (sort of*) and made the m4v file. (*in FCP i used file > export > using quicktime conversion and picked iPod)


1. it looked squished on the iPod


2. feedburner didn't pick it up. (at the bottom of that tutorial it said that feedburner would: "You can publish the exported file to the Internet as an enclosure on a blogging service, such as Blogger, and wrapped in a podcast-friendly RSS feed...RSS feed providers, such as FeedBurner, make it easy to create an RSS file from your blog.)

so is there a way that i can export something out of FCP that will get picked up by an aggregator such as feedburner AND be in a format that will be compatible w/ the iPod?

i would appreciate any advice.



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