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how to build an asterisk call center agent interface using delphi

Posted 07 July 2011 - 07:40 AM

Hi all,

First, i'm new in this forum and my english language may be not too well,

1- What i want to do:

- Developping a Delphi interface to be used on a windows client by an Asterisk-based call center agent(the agent person), this later may be a simple operator or a supervisor.

- This interface must be able to communicate with Asterisk to process and manage incoming calls (eg accept calls, hang up, transfer, chat), as the following process:

1. The agent insert the parameters of his account in SIP client softphone (x-lite, Zoiper ....),

2. Once the agent is authenticated interface will load the settings of the agent (not those of the SIP) from a Postgres or MySQL DataBase, and buttons for managing customer calls become active.

2- My questions:

- Is there an open source API or framework to do this work using Delphi(else another programme)?
- If i use the TCP sockets, Can i do it?

if somebody has an idea or documentation link i need so much because i too looked on the net but i found nothing.

My regards.

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