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Resume advice/tips

Posted 11 August 2011 - 05:58 PM

Alright-- I dug through search and couldn't find any advice/tip topics besides the resume sharing topic. I don't think there's one out there-- at least not one search found for me. However, search hates me. If this is a duplicate, sorry!

I am looking for some advice or answers to a few questions. I gathered about 20 companies I am going to apply for and I am preparing my resume. Then I need to write a custom cover letter for each-- but I am still prepping my resume. I need it to shine and I have a few problems.

A) I decided to place a QR code in the upper left of my resume (name+contact info is in upper right). The thing is I want to make sure the QR is done well. The QR itself is a link to my Android developer profile page (lists all applications created by me). Do you think a straight link is best for the QR or would another method be better? I don't have a personal site so that's out of the question sadly.

B) I don't have any computer science or programming related work experience, but I don't want to leave experience blank. I read online from a few developer interviewers and they said don't leave it blank, but fill it with some work experience even if it's unrelated. A lot of hiring people want to know you were hired and worked somewhere for a while (shows someone can stand you, haha). I have worked in an elementary school as a teacher for about 3 years so I added that to show what I have been up to for the last few years. Do you think that is wise?

C) I want to include some personal projects and/or hobby information to show I do programming for fun. Would this go well in EXPERIENCE or should I add a category like personal projects or hobby projects? What's a good format? I was thinking like: project name - what it is, what I used, what I learned.

D) Should I put certifications that are still pending? For instance, I will receive my MS in Computer Science in May 2012. I will also complete a graduate certificate in software engineering by May 2012. I have been doing them part time while teaching. I am not sure how to label the certificates either-- graduate certificate or just certificate in <topic>? Should I list them on the resume and if they have questions they can ask, or should I mark them as pending? How can I gracefully handle this? I currently have a certificate in computer systems and security, and one pending for software engineering.

Thanks for any input-- :helpsmilie:

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Re: Resume advice/tips

Posted 11 August 2011 - 06:21 PM

How do I get a job / What should I put on my resume / What do you recommend for interview questions / What experience should I have / Should I include hobby work.... comes up 3 times a week MINIMUM. Please use the search features to see all the recommendations made NUMEROUS times.

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