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[link] Visual Studio Hands On Labs for FREE!

Posted 18 August 2011 - 10:50 AM


Virtual machines for people to test out before making the jump? Sweet nibblets what will they think of next? A great place for new folk to try out the IDe and futz with an existing project... a better place for those who are already using it but need to explore various testing options without buying into them, yet!


Technology to the rescue! With the rise in popularity and capabilities of virtual machines, more and more product groups are providing Hands On Labs inside virtual machines complete with all the software and sample projects to make it easy for you to try out lots of cool features. Case in point, Brian Keller, an evangelist for Visual studio wrote a blog announcing the Visual Studio team has a Virtual Machine with Visual Studio 2010 RTM loaded with sample data and they have even provided a set of manuals you can use to complete a series of different hands on lab experiences.

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