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E-Commerce software to match my needs

Posted 01 September 2011 - 04:19 PM

Hi all,

I just got a new client who wants to start an online business that allows people to buy and sell from eachother, while he takes a sale % of every sale. Does anyone know of some software that allows for this?

I've been looking, but have only found shopping cart and auction software, but no in-between. I'm thinking the best route to go would be to just use an auction setup but only have it set to "Buy it now". If this is indeed the best way to go, anyone know of a good, cheap (preferably free) software setup I can use? I will probably be wanting to integrate a forum and blog as well as other social features, so hopefully something with room to further develop.

Anyone have any input? Thanks!

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Replies To: E-Commerce software to match my needs

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Re: E-Commerce software to match my needs

Posted 02 September 2011 - 08:18 AM

This is going to be quite a big project, just be prepared for that.

As for software, there are lots of eCommerce systems(<-Shameless plug) out there, some free and some you are going to have to pay for, a quick search should turn up a large number of systems.

Again with blogs and forums there are a lot of existing systems out there, although some work better together than others.
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