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[link] an in-depth guide to creating infographics

Posted 30 September 2011 - 08:59 AM


Man do I love a good info graphic. Something colorful, pointed, and provides a visual insight the flat data wouldn't overly reveal.

Has anyone out there create infographics? Care to share?

I almost think this would be a fun side project for the 10 year old anniversary of DIC... assuming we had more data.


Data visualisation is an increasingly high-profile genre of design, particularly in editorial and corporate design. Since its UK launch in 2009, Wired has included infographics – such as Paul Butt’s mobile phone chart – as a key mode of visual storytelling. It has won high-profile editorial design awards for this – and infographics, alongside other data/graphics mashups ...

Major newspapers are now hiring specialist designers and journalists to provide them with a constant stream of diagrams, charts, visualisations and interactives as an accompaniment to written articles, both in print and online – and sometimes the visualisations even supplant traditional articles entirely. And as potential clients become more familiar with the medium through these channels, they are more likely to want to use elements of data visualisation in their commissions, whether these are company reports, websites or ads.

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