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J2ME game project advice

Posted 24 October 2011 - 09:47 AM

Hey guys, i was hoping to get some advice on a project i am about to start. basically I have just started learning J2ME, using Netbeans. i have went through few tutorials from Hello World to Pong and completed them working fully. Now my project is something not too difficult I hope what i wanted to do was create a dungeons and dragons type game.

Basically I see my game as a start screen, the user presses start and then the player enters a castle and then there are either 1-4 doors available to walk into one on each side of the screen, the bottom door will always be to take the player to the previous screen.

I have just started the project, but before I even enter any code i was hoping I could get some advice form you guys first. IN each room I hope to have things for teh player to interact with, wether it is a treasure chest, dragon, another human or traps, I have not decided yet.

I was thinking of having a class one for each screen, but many screens means many classes. I am not even sure how to start with the titlescreen as i am completely new to J2ME.

any help would greatly appreciated!


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