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[link] 20 Ways to Save Kittens and Learn PHP

Posted 08 November 2011 - 09:36 AM


An oldie topic I forgot I had book marked. A great place if you are starting out, or the curb any existing bad habits!


Getting started in PHP can be a daunting experience. With that in mind, these 20 tips will teach you how to follow best practices, and save lives…kitty lives.

  • Program as Often as You Possibly Can
  • Get Familiar with the PHP Manual
  • Read the Comments!
  • Take Advantage of the Huge Online PHP Community
  • Don't Put Off Best Practices for Later
  • Don't Put Off Best Practices for Later!
  • Make Code Self-Documenting
  • Add a Comment to Anything You Had to Think About
  • Learn Docblock and Use It
  • Don't Be Too Hardcore to Use an IDE
  • Group Common Code Into Functions
  • Group Related Functions Into Classes
  • Use Constants, Not Globals
  • Don't Be Afraid to Use Includes
  • Don't Obsess Over Performance
  • Avoid Marrying HTML to Your Scripts
  • Try to Use at Least One Unfamiliar Concept in Every Project
  • Don't Be Too Proud to Change
  • Validate
  • Whitelists Instead of Blacklists

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