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How to increase Page Rank?

Posted 05 December 2011 - 01:26 AM


Can anyone please tell me how to increase Page rank..as I am new to this SEO..so please provide me the good informative answers.   

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Re: How to increase Page Rank?

Posted 05 December 2011 - 01:46 AM


I would start by reading Google's own SEO Starter Guide. (Want to guess how I found it? :))

But, in general:

  • Write valid, clearly structured, HTML. This makes it easy for the spiders to understand and properly index your pages. (Putting CSS and Javascript into their own files doesn't hurt either... In more than one way.)

  • Write good content. This is THE most important thing. If your site doesn't have good content, no amount of SEO will help you. - You may be able to gain some temporary spikes in your rankings, but the algorithms are always changing; improving, to make sure the good stuff is at the top.

  • Get people to link to you. By this I do NOT mean you should go spam a bunch of forums and blogs. That's a waste of everybody's time, your's included. - If other people choose to link to you, that is a big increase in your rankings. Search engines essentially interpret that as a positive review from an independent source. And the more "reputable" (read: higher ranking) the source, the bigger the gain. - Things like link sharing can work up to a point, but don't over do it or you may start hurting your index rather than improving it.

  • Don't waste to much time on SEO. Once you've covered the basics, you'd be better of writing good content rather than nitpicking over SEO tricks. (Unless it's like a hobby or something, in which case knock yourself out! :)) - Like I say, the algorithms are always evolving, and SEO tricks that may work today may be worthless tomorrow. What will never fail is having something worth reading on your sites.

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