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Front lights on a case has gone off

Posted 11 December 2011 - 08:23 AM

Hello i had a dual core computer but wanted to make it look more nice so bought a "
GALAXY III PC GAMING ATX COMPUTER TOWER CASE" it came with a 450 watt power supply. I toke it to a computer shop and they told me that the power supply blew up my board and chip so now then have put a real old board and single core board into the new case and are not willing to pay for the board. They have me the old motherboard back and the chip ( tested it and don't work )
So when i got the computer back has a single core the fan and led on the side of the case was working fine and the power light on the front and the 2 blue led lights on the front was working fine to. After 10 mins of having it on the power light stopped working and the leds on the front stopped working. The fan on the side of the case and led on the side of the case are still working tho. I have contacted the shop and was told the power unit was not pushing enough power out. I toke the power connectors from my dvd player and dvd rw so no power could go to them and thought it would save me power but still the led lights on the front and power light does not work even if i lower the power usage ( by unpluging the dvd rw etc)

case can be found at

I must add i am using the power supply which they told me that blew my old board which they put int :dontgetit:

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Replies To: Front lights on a case has gone off

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Re: Front lights on a case has gone off

Posted 11 December 2011 - 10:52 AM

A "Gaming" case came with a 450 watt PSU? That is TERRIBLE! Get a better one if your going to add more hardware.

So, the guys that told you your PSU "blew" your other board, PUT the bad PSU back in are the same guys that are telling you your PSU is not outputting enough juice to power a few LEDs that use WAY less than a watt of power? Time to find another computer shop ASAP.

Could be many reasons the LEDs stopped working. The geniuses at the repair shop probably didn't seat the front panel wires all the way. Not sure of your MOBO so I cant tell you were it is. Search You Tube for Front Panel Connector for what they look like and how to hook them up with correct polarity.
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