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[PROBLEM] My program output in space problem

Posted 20 December 2011 - 06:45 AM

My sample program these is:

ch = "abc"
print ch
print ch.upper()
print ch[0].upper(),ch[1],ch[2]
print ch[0].upper(),ch[1].upper(),ch[2]
print ch[0].upper(),ch[1],ch[2].upper()
print ch[0],ch[1].upper(),ch[2].upper()
print ch[0],ch[1].upper(),ch[2]
print ch[0],ch[1],ch[2].upper()

This is program output;
A b c
A B c
A b C
a B C
a B c
a b C

a b C -> There is no space here.
What should I do? thanks..

I am solved okey thanks, I put a plus instead of a comma

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