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[link]10 super useful PHP snippets you probably havenít seen

Posted 16 January 2012 - 03:07 PM


I would tend to agree - I haven't seen a few of these (and lord knows I've kludged one too many together off that list).. so let's share with everyone!


When working with PHP, it is very useful to have a ďtoolboxĒ of handy functions and code snippets that can save lots of time when needed. Today, Iím going to show you 10 super useful code snippets that you probably never heard of.

  • Text messaging with PHP using the TextMagic API
  • Detect location by IP
  • Display source code of any webpage
  • Check if server is HTTPS
  • Display Facebook fans count in full text
  • Determine the dominant color of an image
  • Get info about your memory usage
  • Compress data using gzcompress()
  • Whois query using PHP
  • Email PHP errors instead of displaying it

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