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Westell, Fipptics, WAN optimization, xbox port forwarding, bridging

Posted 01 February 2012 - 07:24 PM

I have had FiOptics service for about 5 months now and had Cincinnati Bell install it along with cable. I gat 50M out the door perfect connected to the router with a ethernet. (Westell A90-750160-07). I do speed tests and get about 13-17 with wireless and 47-50 with connected. Well I want to port forward my xbox and just get a real nice clean connection. I did it once long ago on a old linksys and have no idea what I am doing now.

Ok so now back to this, first does anyone know anything about this router. There is literally two pages on google when it is searched. I cannot find fireware I cannot find anything on it. There is one post about port forwarding and that is the only post, and semi unhelpful.

I also just read about having the a westell set as a "dumb modem" which would just simply act as a bridge (it takes phone cable from the fiber interpreter box so no switching out). then i can use this nice Belkin Pre-N and get my full 50M over my wireless.

So my questions in review, anyone know anything about the router? Anyone know about port forwarding on this router? What about bridging?

-side notes: I have exhausted everything so any help might do. I read that N is the faster potential wireless up to 300M running about 100 practical, and b and g are around 20 and a? is around 5. That why i ask to route to the belkin Pre N, this westell is only a b or g.Also my screen for the router (from what i have seen people are calling it fireware color) is not a color that I have seen talking about any other westell fireware. Mine is lightblue and white, Says westell in the top left corner. I am a comp sci major but I am more win32 C application programming so internet is not my specific lingo but I can understand what you're saying, if you know what you are saying.

Thanks in advance!!!!


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