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XNA Starter Kit Challenge Two

Post icon  Posted 10 February 2012 - 08:10 AM


For the second challenge I have a brick breaking game, the project is at the bottom of this post. It contains one game states, the game play state. The game plays fine but a few things don't work quite right. Find the bugs and fix them. Following are a list of suggested enhancements you can make to the game to make it more complete.

  • add in a game state manager to handle game states
  • add a pause state for when the game is in play
  • have different types of bricks, bricks that can't be broken and bricks that take more than one hit to break
  • add in game levels rather than just the same level all the time
  • add scoring for breaking bricks
  • add in a number of lives before the game is over
  • add a high score state that displays the top five scores and save them
  • add in power ups that include things like lasers that destroy bricks, splitting the ball into three balls, extra lives

This is an open ended challenge and there is no deadline. The idea is to get a better understanding of game programming with XNA.

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