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Add view switcher to existing application

Posted 17 February 2012 - 07:00 AM

I used the tutorial at http://blog.sallarp....iew-drill-down/ to create a working application that pulls XML from our Web server and parses it into a drill down table view. Everything is working perfectly.

Now, I need to add some sort of view switcher to the working application so that I can link (for lack of a better word) to other views that do other things.

I can not wrap my head around how to do this. I tried adding a tab controller and that didn't work. I tried converting the application to a storyboard and that didn't work either. Anything I do to the working application seems to break it.

I see that the table view is being created in the AppDelegate so I am thinking I need to remove the code from there and place it somewhere else but where would I put it?

Can someone tell me how to start to do this?

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