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Traffic Lights - Complete The Code.

Post icon  Posted 19 February 2012 - 03:49 PM


Game programming is a lot more than graphics, IO and collision detection - it's also about getting subsystems to communicate and work in harmony. This small challenge, which appears deceptively simple, employs a traffic light system that is found in games like Grand Theft Auto and LA Noire for example.

The goal os this exercise is to debug and complete the code, implementing the various methods to get is working as per the exectable contained in TrafficLights.zip in the Traffic-Lights Github repository here.

What you will need

The code was written using Visual Studio 2008 Pro, and it is advised at the very least that you use either Visual C++ 2008/2010 Express Editions. You are free to use whichever IDE you wish, but if it breaks I won't be any help - I'll just say 'use Visual C++ Express'.

This is a console application not needing any special APIs or SDKs. My reason for this is that I would prefer people to focus on the logic over making it look pretty.

What is provided

I have written the code and deleted nearly all method implemetations and introduced errors. It is up to you, either as a group to share ideas on this thread (recommended) or indivdually (not recommended), on the appropriate implementation. The class declarations should not be altered.

All methods and variables declarations have been left in place in order to complete the code, but if you feel you cannot work out the logic to use what is provided then I will allow you to modify as appropriate. Before you do, it might be an idea to post your thoughts on this thread to see what others might think to avoid coming up with a lesser solution.

Rules that must not be broken!

- DO NOT PM me asking for help or hints - this is a challenge and I shall be remaining silent unless things really start going off the rails.

- DO NOT use any other language apart from C++, as this serves as a little lesson in smarter ways to code in the language.


In order to make this as accessible as possible I have allowed two weeks from today to complete the challenge which will close on March 5th, 2012. After this dealine I will submit my solution and offer comments and/or suggestions for those who have attempted it.

Good luck, and most of all have fun! :unsure:

Please post all responses in the Game Programming Forum.

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Re: Traffic Lights - Complete The Code.

Posted 05 March 2012 - 03:30 PM

Challenge complete.
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