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Flash - Interactive Map

Posted 03 April 2012 - 05:44 AM

Hello everyone, I've been using the WhereIveBeen flash map (http://worldresolution.net/travel/travel-map-2/) on my website for the past few years. My friend thought it would be awesome to do something similar but encompass the entire page. The idea is that, like the map, in the backend I could click on the country and it would change the color to show my status with it (if I've been there, lived there, or wanted to go there). Also in the backend, I'd be able to assign statistics to each country (I was here for x days, did x activities, etc). Hovering over the country in the frontend would create a pop-up which displays all these statistics. Clicking on the country in the frontend would send the user to a page with the blog posts from that country.

Where would I begin? :D Thanks!

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